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Cris Dam

CRIS DAM was born in Alaska, raised in Spain and Connecticut, and educated in New York City. At the early age of 10, Dam’s artistic inclinations were apparent and he began honing his skills in academic painting classes in Granada, Spain. Within a matter of years—and undoubtedly the result of his peripatetic childhood—Dam began to challenge new perspectives in nature’s inherent visual vocabulary and was sought out by collaborators and educators alike.

In 1998, Dam cofounded Dam, Stuhltrager and was an early gallerist to propel Williamsburg, Brooklyn, into an international art mecca, where his bright paintings and large persona made him a recognizable character synonymous with Brooklyn's lively art scene. In 2008, he settled in Connecticut, where his studio now resides.

Holly Danger

HOLLY DANGER is a motion graphic designer, video editor and live-performance video artist based in Stamford, CT. By day she is the full-time Creative Director for Gartner's video department, Studio 56, and by night, she is the owner and curator of the Danger Gallery.

The foundation of Danger’s work stems from an early obsession with typography and graphic design from 1960's PRINT magazines. As her work evolved through her career, it has expanded from printed works to motion graphics and from video editing to video performance.

Mark DeRosa

MARK DEROSA is a graduate from Pratt Institute who earned his BFA as a painting major with a minor in Art Education and printmaking. Marks current work explores a unique departure from traditional materials and process through the use of wood, plastics, hardware, and spray paint. His colorful three dimensional reliefs are infused with poppy, iconic imagery that draw on childhood, cartoons, fantasy, and whimsical play.

As an Artist/Teacher, Mark has worked as a certified middle school art instructor for the past eighteen years with students in Washington, DC., Bridgeport, CT., and is currently employed in Westport CT. Alongside his middle school art instruction, Mark also teaches student courses in comic book development and production as well as mural projects and public art installation.

Marcella Kovac

MARCELLA KOVAC is founder and partner at The Bananaland, your destination for unforgettable ideas, design, and development experiences. She is also co-founder at B:Hive Bridgeport, a downtown coworking space and community hub. Her obvious love of design and marketing has been undeniably influenced by her not-so-subtle wanderlust. A passion for experiencing new places and meeting new people, complemented by a deep appreciation for international art and commercial design, have resulted in a spin on the agency that mirrors top-notch hospitality, innovative thinking, and a memorable “stay.” More often than not, you’ll find her at the front desk of The Bananaland, charming clients with her genuine enthusiasm for delivering uniquely creative solutions, or going on about her favorite travel destination of all: Bridgeport.

Ben Quesnel

Ben Quesnel use a combination of found materials, video, and sound to explore the assortment of perspectives and the variety of interpretations one may attach to objects, confirming their non- definite character. In the current state of globalization and Internet connectivity, we are not limited to constrained areas of experience and knowledge; rather, we have access to the world at large.

Quesnel explores the idea of disorientation by transforming objects into unusual forms and transporting them into unfamiliar territories. He believes that disorientation embraces the idea of multiple understandings; it encourages new ideas to form while challenging those that already persist. The meanings that we attach, in order to define objects, are never closed; they will always remain open.

Disorientation prompts us to reflect and challenges us to analyze our cultural and personal ideas.

Quesnel is an artist and art educator working in southern Connecticut. He has shown at Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, BWAC, Danger Gallery, Newark Museum, Present Company and The Hollows. He has been teaching in the public school system since 2011.

Liz Squillace

LIZ SQUILLACE is a Bridgeport, CT based artist and owner of Paradox Ink, screenprinting, public art & murals. Liz founded Paradox Ink in 2002 in a studio in Stamford, moving it to the Arcade Mall in 2013 as part of the Create Here Now program turning vacant spaces into vibrant places.

In 2015, Squillace took part in the Copyist Program at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This, as well as a trip to Amsterdam, Brussels & Paris reinvigorated her passion for oil painting. Squillace may be best known for her painted Utility Boxes of which there are 50. The 49th was painted in Amsterdam and the 50th was painted in Bridgeport, inspired by the colorful tulip fields in Holland.

Liz Squillace is a Rhode Island School of Design graduate and resident of Read’s Artspace live/work studios.

Jahmane West

JAHMANE’S career as an artist began in the form of Graffiti, or “STREET ART” and has evolved into a wide spectrum of mediums including works on canvas, photography, fashion design, mural painting, screen printing and graphic design. Through years of formal training and life experience as an “Artist of the People“, JAHMANE has developed a unique style that combines social awareness , spirituality, mythology and abstract language in a way that intrigues all who view his work.

Currently, JAHMANE works from his studio in Norwalk, CT and is a teaching Artist and Curator. While maintaining a healthy balance between public and private exhibits and commissions, JAHMANE always finds time to produce spontaneous artworks in the streets from which his creative energy flows.

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Danger Gallery is the experimental art space and studio of visual artist Holly Danger, located in the Glenbrook Industrial Park in Stamford, CT.

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